Get Control of Your OT Environment

EverLine’s Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors and secures your operational technology environments, providing you situational awareness at all times.

Keep Your Organization Safe, Secure, and Operational with 24x7 Cyber Monitoring

Providing cyber and physical security for energy, utilities, oil & gas, and municipal applications. EverLine SOC manages, mitigates, and prevents a broad range of cyber, physical, and human security threats for critical infrastructure clients.

Benefits of a Security Operations Center

Full Coverage

Connect your IT managed services with your operational technology environment for complete coverage and vision of your OT environment.

Cost Reduction

Reduce long-term costs by using our fractional service model to access quality services based on specific organizational needs.

Dedicated Expertise

Everline provides long-term support with multi-industry expertise and viewpoints that internal security teams can’t always match.

Risk Preparation

Stay up-to-date with the latest attack vectors to keep even the most sophisticated adversaries out of your systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Keep your organization compliant with evolving requirements around monitoring and operational security.

Incident Response

Be prepared for possible cyber attacks with detailed mitigation strategies and requirements for post-incident reporting.

Keeping Your OT Environment Safe Starts with a Single Email.

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Other Benefits of Security Operations Center

Manage Your Environment with OT Monitoring

Monitor Network Activity and Track Anomalies Using Cutting-Edge Tools and Technologies.

Operational technology environments are unique and require tailored tools to match. Your SOC team uses the latest tools and technologies to track activity on your network, make note of any unexpected variances, and report potential incidents for immediate action.

OT Monitoring Enables you to:

  • Manage: Effortlessly manage vast amounts of security data
  • Detect: Monitor network activity and detect anomalies
  • Access: Current tools and technologies, tailored to your OT environment

Watch Your Back with Situational Awareness

Maintain Continual Vision into Digital Activity in the OT Environment.

SOC helps you maintain a watchful eye over all digital activity in your OT environment, including monitoring system behavior, flagging and preventing repetitive or unauthorized access attempts, and identifying emerging threats.

Situational Awareness Enables you to:

  • Prevent: Prevent emerging threats long before an attack
  • Detect: High-level and detailed views of digital OT activity
  • Respond: system behavior and note unusual activity

Stay Alert with Threat Management

Receive Timely, Relevant Security Alerts Tailored to Operational Technology Assets.

EverLine SOC works with federal and industry sources to gather and disseminate threat intelligence specifically related to OT assets. While the information we receive is broad, in-depth, and frequent, we ensure your organization’s alerts are always timely and relevant to your needs.

Threat Management Enables you to:

  • Intelligence Access: Security threat intelligence from nationwide specialists
  • Insights: Gain organization-specific insights into industry-wide threats
  • Safeguard: OT assets with the most timely and relevant updates

Remain Compliant with Physical Security Monitoring

Ensure the Integrity of Your Site’s Operations Through Continuous Monitoring.

With industry security regulations becoming more robust every day, SOC helps you remain compliant and ensure operational integrity by supporting your physical security requirements through surveillance monitoring, ballistic/blast detection, and other monitoring services.

Physical Security Monitoring Enables you to:

  • Site Safety: Keep employees and other stakeholders safe on site
  • Location Threats: Quickly identify and address threats to your physical location
  • Compliance: Meet industry-wide physical security requirements and regulations

Protecting Your Assets Through Integrated Solutions

EverLine provides integrated regulatory, remote operation, and security services to critical infrastructure companies on a national level. Advise, Connect, Secure: SP3 Technology